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River Haven is surrounded by Crown Land, with lots of sign of Deer, Moose and Black Bear.  We are located at the center of 3 WMU's, ( 46, 47 and 49 ).



We are an official Ministry of Natural Resources Licence Issuer for Fishing Licences and Hunting Licences.

Licences are available for Ontario, Canadian and non-residents.  For Hunting Licence Fees, click on the link below for the MNR website.

 Non-Ontario Resident Hunting Licence Fees

 Ontario Resident Hunting License Fees


Fall Hunting: Ducks, Moose, Deer, Bear
We are located on the centre of three WMU's ( Districts 46, 47 and 49 ).

 Resident – Open SeasonNon-resident – Open Season
MooseOct. 21 to Oct. 26No season
DeerNov. 4 to Nov. 17Nov. 4 to Nov. 17
Black BearSept. 3 to Nov. 30Sept. 3 to Nov. 30
PheasantSept. 20 to Dec. 15 
Sharp-Tailed Grouse and PtarmiganSept. 20 to Dec. 15 
Ruffed Grouse and Spruce GrouseSept. 20 to Dec. 15 

Duck Hunting

Our season starts Mid Sept.  The best results are from mid October until the end of November when the northerns are on their way south.

We have very good hunting because the numerous bays and small ponds in the area that have abundant feed such as wild rice. There is also very light hunting pressure because our area is virtually uninhabited. This time of the year is also the most productive for trophy muskies, so why not combine hunting morning and evening with fishing during the day.


Deer and Moose

Our surrounding area is composed of mixed hardwood and softwood forests with rock ridges and many swamps (natural and beaver ponds). This makes for excellent habitat for both deer and moose.

We are situated on the southern boundary of the moose habitat so you will find both moose and deer in our hunting areas. The moose prefer the low swampy areas while the deer are found on the higher ground where they use the rock ridges to travel from one place to another.

There are no nonresident Moose licenses available for our area.


Partridge and Small Game

The partridge and rabbits are plentiful in our area so you can enjoy an afternoon of shooting while you are big game hunting to make your hunting vacation with us that much more memorable.


Minsitry of Natural Resources

For more information on hunting regulations for our area, please contact the Ministry of Natural Resources

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